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xim woem! 2000-06-28 00:33:00
by pogo
As for the rest of you...I started work on the game in c++. Allegro seems to be broken in msvc and beos. however, all of you who have win 9x, dos, or linux, should be able to run the game when i am done. I'll look more into this beos crap later.

I was gonna post a rant about how fast time has gone by, how i lost some weight, and how i accomplished next to nothing in the last year. However, instead i will tell the tale of a man who had to penii. We'll call him Dingy.

Dingy was born in june, after causing his mother 7 months of pain (she was drunk the first two months). Something was different about Dingy, he had two cocks. Enormous cocks at that. Any way, he grew up a normal boy. He had semi-normal sex. He died with both cocks cut off and shoved in his throat.

a haiku: your two dicks ain't s'it / i get to post on vector / look, contradiction