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Fat bitches, fat floppy titty freaks.. 2000-06-26 15:48:00
by pogo
Did we all attend the ICP concert saturday? No? Me either.

I got a bit of interesting news. First, i kinda have a web cam. Its fucking sweet. I have a JVC camcorder hooked to the ati-tvwonder. Then via beos (which is pretty clean), i have codycam grab images from it. Maybe one night i will show off my shit and the stuff in the room.

Next, MSVC is not 100% ANSI, which makes it kinda hard to do some shit. I had to go searching for stricmp, which should be strcasecmp. what a bitch.

Finally, after 2 days of fighting with a 1x scsi cdrom and msvc, i got the bitch to work right once again, only to fuck it up :) So my game will be delayed yet again, as well as work on the news program.

Overall, i think the world is ending, my nuts are shrinking and cancer is growing on your back. The cure you ax? 3 - 45 minute tratements of testicular sucking for you.