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Keeping with Pogo's wishes... 2000-06-25 11:28:00
by toby
Some interesting things I found on SlashDot and TheRegister.
1. The Gov't is planning on making their own search engine. According to a summary of the first internet adress by the president. It is set to be rolled out in fall.
2. The new connection that all may soon be wanting is the OC-768. It handles transfer speeds up to 40 gps over a distance of 435 miles.
3. The FCC is having problems with the AOL &h; Time Warner merger. The FCC is concerned that competition may be harmed. Keeping with that news, the FCC is also looking into the relation ship with AOL, Time Warner, and AT&h;T. Since the three companies own more than half the cable lines and service more than half the internet customers, the FCC is woried that the monsterous trio may raise prices on the internet and connections. The trio also owns about three-fourths of the customrers of broadband.

For more on these go to the above hyperlinks (that aren't owned by BT).
A note to all news posters: Please put target="new" in you anchor tags. It looks really bad to click a link and have it open in the body frame.