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ok, wtf? 2000-06-24 22:56:00
by pogo
It seems to me that marasmus is away, and many people feel this is irc. a simple email would do the trick, not a fuck you stalemeat, eat my shit toby, i'm Vahman, a lover of homosex, i'm forge, a mad man, hey scrantione ,eat my shit.

Get real? My posts may be completely useless 99.9% of the time, but hell, they are never irc styled bull shit. As i understand it, vector was meant to be a way to share news, or thoughts, not harassing each other in a mindless way that could be taken care of via email.

I also wish to address the fact that i intend to spend TIME ALONE from the world for a few days, if possible. The only things that i want to interrupt this are 1.) Microsoft calling me stating I won $4. 2.) Sex with 3 asian girls 4.) My house catching fire.
No offense to any one, but i feel like i am being bullied around a bit, and i want some time alone to accomplish things i have set out for the last 3 months and can never seem to finish. In other words, if you just want to call to say you love me, eat shit and die. I too have some sort of life.

a haiku: I never get sleep / people keep fucking calling / i too get tired
another: if i don't get some / sleep i'm gonna fucking kill / go get some poontang