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Looks like we rolled over 2000-06-23 19:49:00
by pogo
After taking a notice to the fact that only Vahman's post appeared, it looks like we rolled over :) So here's to a million more posts about sodomy, sex, stupidy, and how the world breeds moronic folk.

Now on to the real world, I had a job interview today. I felt it went rather well, and no toby, i didn't shit a brick. I really look foward to the call that says "We want you to work with us". I feel it would be a great start, as well as a fun time working on something that has meaning.

Finally, if time permits (which i doubt), i had plans to write a small program that will check the latest news on vector. Plans also include a simple gui with a pretty background, as well as the ability to have the program check other sites, ie slashdot. I also started working on my game, so i plan to have a simple demo out this weekend. Again if time permits.