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Put down the pipe 2000-02-28 10:12:00
by forge
In regards to both Marasmus' and Stalemeat's rants, I most certainly aggree, basically cause i used to take apart the tv and the radios and all my old watches. Stale, you know whats up, you've seen the drawerful of dismantled shit. I was like that as a kid and now im studying to be a fucking hardware engineer and i already work as an apprentice learning electrical engineering so step to me. Doping up your keeps because their minds comprehend things beyond the scope of your own pittiful excuse for an existant mind is inconceivable. If ignorance truly was bliss then there would be a lot more happy mother fuckers out there as opposed to the miserable assholes out there which we proudly call american society. Just give the kid a chance and give him some direction in his life. Focus his energies on something that he likes and you won't ever have to worry about him screwing up his life because he'll be in control of it himself and not the coorporate dope and alcohol ridden parents. Put down the needle, empty the bottle in the sink and get a clue. Your children are just better then you and deserve more of a chance then you ever got due to overdosing and more of a chance then you actually give them. In hopes of your violent deaths i bid you farewell to return to work and get some eats.