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Less Angst. More Tact. 2000-01-11 23:32:00
by marasmus
Okay. I'm less angstul now than during the last update two weeks ago. VectorStar took a connectivity dive due to the fact that I bit the bullet and dropped the job in search of some sanity. Word of Advice: Under ALL circumstances, if you're in a bad situation and need to find something better, immediately drop that situation on its ass, kick it a few times, and start walking.

  Apparently a little bit of balls pay off in this world. Two days after I quit at the old place of employment I was all set up with a new, better job with a lot more fun stuff to do. Database programming and network management are now my two official corporate hobbies. Just for this occasion, I feel I need a new email alias, so feel free to tell me how much of a dick I am at

  Bad News: Since I no longer work for an ISP, my network connection is much more expensive... it's about 2 1/2 times as much, actually. Despite this fact, I'm still giving space and bandwidth away for NOTHING so PLEASE.. USE this opportunity and spam the net with some good content! Email The White Devil and get yourself some cool space, free email, and a 20 meg shell on VectorStar! Hell.. I'll give ya more space if I like ya :>