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h34d ch33z3 2000-06-21 14:32:00
by marasmus
i'm being all l33t cause i'm going on vacation till somewhere around july 8th and YOU'RE NOT!!#!@#!@#$!@ (well, except for mah man kmartcowboy who will also be partaking in the slackful adventures of XXX Day this summer) I just wanted everyone to know that I'll be enjoying each day much more than you will be for the next two weeks.

If, for some reason, bombs start dropping from the skies and your homes start erupting into molten balls of death-liquid, think of me and my wonderful vacation away from your agonizing deaths.... Think of how nice it must be to be in the middle of NOWHERE while the entire civilization of the world crumbles to NOTHING!#$@ hee heee!

Rev. Johnny TwoShoes

P.S. Toby: <----= Dictionary :)