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"I want my Empty-veee!!!!" 2000-06-20 21:51:00
by chevy
one day last week while half comatose after work, I made the mistake of watching t.v. in hopes of finding something to entertain myself. Overwhelmed by the need to torture myself I found my way straight to Mtv. Ahh, the good ole' days of rock and roll... APPARENTLY LONG FORGOTTEN BY THESE CORPORATE FUCKS!!! I guess I can't really bitch too much about these idiots, seeing as how the whole rock n' roll dream was to get rich and famous so you could party till you die... but when did Mtv jams take over the entire network, there was already one BET who the fuck asked for another. People bitched and moaned all thru the 80's about how rock rotted your brain and was devil worship, but now it's en vouge to be a "gangsta"... and be a thug...FUCK YOU!!! These fucking white collar pieces of shit, I'd feel pretty badass too if all I had to do was go to the gold's gym and drive around in mommy's yuppy SUV that I got for my birthday. Adding fuel to the fire is the common ignorance displayed by the public at large... a perfect example... me, stalemeat, marasmus, and our marine pal fletch are walking thru wal-mart late at night 'cause there's nothing else to do... meanwhile, Barney Fife is stealthily watching our every move, now I understand that we are a very odd looking bunch, but while eyeing us as potential shop lifters the two walking ads for tommy jeans are stuffing their shirts with cd's and house hold appliances. I guess there's only one thing left for me to pray for..."God, when you come to wipe the slate clean, could you keep me alive just long enough for me to watch them all burn and suffer, THANKS MAN... YOUR THE GREATEST!!!!"