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Do you smell the brain cells burning? 2000-06-20 20:15:00
by toby
After reading Vahman's post I choose to take a look at TheRegister's version of this article I was then directed to the creater of hypertexts site. This is kinda interesting and also maybe find itself useful in the future; in the BT case or maybe in my own personal battles with the ignorant ones!

    Next... Aol is going to start selling cable box like machines for the internet. Vahman may soon be reading about the newest version of windows on the TV! Isn't this just great they are going to ruin the internet I tell you, They just kep pushing the general no clue public into the next big thing that they are not ready for. I just can't believe this company sometimes! Hey check the line at the bottom of the page..."there are fears that AOL could become the 'gatekeeper' for online music distribution" (TheRegister).

One Last thing I swear! Has anyone played around with opening the TimeWarner Cable Box. It has some nifty things in it I am gonna as soon as no one is around to yell at me. I believe there to be SCSI, Ethernet, USB, SmartCard Reader, and much more! kinda nice huh?!?

All in all, big companies BLOW!

Will Pogo shit his pants at the end of this week in St. Pete? Will Toby see him running to the bathroom after his... accident?!? Will Vahman stop reading the bad news?
All on the next Oprah!