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Restructuring 2000-06-19 10:31:00
by marasmus
Something like 2 days ago the whole power grid dropped around here, taking down all the servers, etc... Well, NS2 didn't make it back so well, so it's getting rebuilt (hopefully before i leave)... we've still got way too many resources and not enough people using our free stuff, so get yourself an account now! click on the hosting thing up in the corner.

If you want to email me anything, do it soon cause after about noon on wednesday i won't be available for nearly 3 weeks... :) vacation time has finally come. I'll be handing the Talk Stick over to StaleMeat during the interim, so hopefully everything will run smoothly. If it doesn't, eat me!

And, most of all... Scientific tests show that talking about your 'elephant penis' in front of your girlfriend is a Bad Idea(tm). News at 11.