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The customer is always right...... 2000-06-17 18:05:00
by scrantoine
I have this nagging issue that needs to be addressed. This issue is the slogan, "The customer is always right". First off, I don't think 3/4 of the public at large has the right to use this. These people are not customers, they are morons. A true customer would know and understand that this phrase is there to protect them, like a shield, from some of the more disreputable businesses out there. Back to the morons, these people use that phrase as a sword; when they fell like being assholes or when they don't have a god damn clue regarding the simple policies of any given business. Example: At Einstein's Bagels (my gay job) we have a policy that reads very clearly on a small sign near the cash registers, "If we do not give you a receipt for your purchase, you will recieve a free lunch". Now, I think that is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. However, a "customer" came in a while ago and touched off an argument. Her situation was thus: She purchased some bagels and our cashier punched her club card, then the cashier proceeded to get her receipt when the lady loudly proclaimed that she deserved a free lunch because she didn't get her receipt. Now, lets pause for a second here and think...........What a fucking moron! The cashier was about to give this behemoth of a woman her receipt and she ignorantly claims a free lunch because she didn't get her receipt right away after the exchance of cash.

I am tired of the general masses and the stupid shit they pull everyday of their miserable lives. I wish there was a particularly nasty virus with necrosis-like properties so I could watch your face melt off of your skull and laugh my ass off.

We let her have the god damn free lunch just so that we would not have to tolerate her corpulent redneck ass. The lesson is this; use common sense when you decide to use that wonderfully imaginative phrase to aid you. "The customer is always right" is a courtesy that businesses extend to you.