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humping your leg like pogo's dog 2000-06-17 10:44:00
by marasmus
facken shit, pogo.. that was awesome! :)

I've been battling all morning to get YP (aka NIS) network services running across vectorstar, in the feeble attempt to have universal access to numerous servers. Having this lovely feature would let me do cool stuff such as separating useful tasks, such as webserving, mail serving, and shell serving, to separate machines, while maintaining the same access control over 'em all. Well... Sun may have made whatever they wished of YP, but GAWT DAMN! the documentation on linux and *BSD YP is total SHIT! So far i think i got it serving all friendly off of a BSD box, but the whole reading-on-other-servers thing i'm not quite brave enough for...

just be content knowing that if this gimmick works halfway decently, you all will have a lot more stuff to play with on vectorstar... :)

I'm waitin' fo' da f0nez company to get here and fuck up my phone lines a little more... there's extremely bad line noise and they'll probably end up dumping my net circuit for a while cause they're incompetent little h0arbags. In the meantime, puzzle this:

what is 2 + 2? / pr0n stars with gonorrhea / wear the jimmy hat