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if ( dope == true ){ face += fist } 2000-02-25 13:50:00
by stale
void rant(void){

I'd just like to entirely agree with Marasmus on his last posting. Doping your kids up just because you can't comprehend what they do is just not understandable. Sure, your kid may be hyper and like to take apart your tv set and shit, but that doesn't mean he's a bad kid!

It's actually quite odd to me. Parents get very angry if their underage child goes out and has a couple beers with his friends and throws up on the carpet, but at the same time they'll dope their kids up to such a counter-productive state that they'll never amount to anything. Now, if the kid doesn't amount to anything, all he's going to do is end up working some shit job just to pay for beer and throw up on the fuckin carpet. So what kind of endless shit cycle is this?!

All you fucking hippie parents grew up smoking dope and dropping tabs, and now all you can do is give your kids some fucking dope just because you can't deal with them. Get off it. If another one of you drunk piece of shit middle aged assholes get a liver transplant and hit the bar the next day to celebrate, I swear I'm going to walk into Luby's with a gun and start taking motherfuckers out!!