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Man Sex and Able-body workers? 2000-06-16 19:47:00
by pogo
Ok, dig it d00ds :) I lost 6 lbs in the last week, so thus, i'm not fat any more ;) But i gotz some shit to share about recent adventures.

We went to TOYS-R-US to buy GAUNTLET LEGENDS for the dreamcast (which is another rant in itself), but while in the check out line, we decide that we want stickers of that lovable mascot. So we ax for some stickers, and the girl told us we could have them. Great, we got two stickers, which were on the counter. Now that we are feeling special with our circular stickers, a fat lady yells "SAVE SOME FOR THE TWO YEAR OLDS". I look down and see a ugly girl clinging to the side of the shopping cart. I smile and walk away knowing full well that there are 10000000000000000000000 stickers and these are not the last two. But what amazed me was the fact that some fat bitch thinks becuase her child is TWO, she deserves a sticker. I just shelled out $50 of my brother's money for a game and she wants MY sticker. Ok, so maybe this fat bitch isn't concerned with my purchase and is concerned that if her daughter doesn't get a fucking sticker, she might pitch a fit. But guess what? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT ONE MISERABLE BITCH WANTS.

Next we move on to another fat bitch. About two weeks ago, I attended my girl friend's graduation. And i can't help but over hear the row of fat people speaking shit about how they went to a Christian middle school, and how they know sooo many people graduating that went to school there. Ok, great, i went to school there too, and i am happy that the people are graduating. But the conversation moves over to one girl who was moving on to the next level. The conversation consisted of "Its a shame she turned out to be a lesbian", "I feel bad for her mother, my heart would have stopped", "What do you do with a girl like that?", and other things that were of the same manner. Now why does this concern me? I turned and asked if they went to the school, and they replied "i worked there", "who are you?". Well i noted that the fat bitch rambling on about lesbians and how she couldn't deal with it was the lunch lady. NOW THERE IS A FUCKING GOOD JOB. I bet HER MOTHER is fucking proud. After my reply of my name, they said "I THINK I remember you." HOW THE FUCK COULDN'T YOU REMEMBER THE THEN SLINKY FUCKER WHO GOT INTO TROUBLE FOR NO REASON? FUCK THEM.

Now i know that my ramblings made no sense, and that marasmus will most likely delete them, as he did with one of my other rants. But i assure you a few things.
1.) Fat miserable bitches are all over and have no lives. 2.) It doesn't matter if your child is a lover of homo sex, just deal with it and love them for who they are. 3.) And if you claim to be a Christian, and you are gonna hate people for what they do, start with hating yourself for not being a model for others. I know damn well i am not the best Christian on earth, but damn, don't act all holy when you are not. 4.) Go see shaft. joo won't regret it mang.