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Da beeenz 2000-02-23 15:23:00
by marasmus
Drugs eat my shit and leave the corn behind for the insects. Here's more propaganda for you to mill over - the Latest News at

Just think about how, when you were growing up, how many people were on antidepressants and sedatives BEFORE the age of 5. Now, consider the statistics of 1995. If it was increasing THAT rapidly up to 1995, can you even imagine how fucked up it is TODAY?

If you have kids, PLEASE don't drug them up on prosthetic manners and prosthetic happiness - let them actually live their lives and fuck things up for themselves. I've seen way too many incredibly sharp people have their lives end up like shit when they had so much potential. Parents and teachers think they're hyperactive, but the reality of the situation is that they're geniuses with a greater ability to perceive and understand their environment. They're capable of SO much more than the average kid... And all we can do is shoot 'em up with dope and sit them in front of the TV?

I thank my parents and thank StaleMeat's parents for not listening to fucking brain-dead doctors and handing down that kind of passivist shit to us. Instead we had to make due with our "hyperactive" minds, and now, instead of being doped up, bottom-of-the-line dropouts like our friends from elementary school, we're sittin up here haxing some free skene for the benefit of the net community. A future with apt minds.

Sure, there are some, but not many, children, who are actually just out of control. I had one such legitimate case live down the street from me for years. Instead of feeding him da beeenz and handing him a barney tape for the VCR, I taught the hyperactive bitch how to play soccer, and how to do simple electrical circuits. Give them a focus, and you give them a whole new world to obsess over.

My focus was soccer, an Apple IIe and a TI-994A. Now I try to give others a similar opportunity to have something to focus on. It sure as hell beats goin down to the Friendly Tavern and gettin sloshed with my ole' high school principal.

Fuck Drugs.
There is no substitute for reality.