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eddie munster fro 2000-02-19 09:12:00
by marasmus
it's all about electricity. everything is about electricity. that's why we'll be down for a while today.. not sure exactly the span of time, but prolly less than one hour. We're upgrading to a real power system - an APC SmartUPS 3000 RackMount. With the present state of vectorstar, i'd honestly be surprised if even the first load light comes on, these suckers handle SO much power. Even cooler thing is that this model allows me to add battery modules, so in case an hour or two of battery time during power outage isn't enough, i could double it!! :> Definitely a computer geek's dream, if not porno...

I also just have to share my crazy crackdream with you all... In the dream I was chillin' in this nondescript location (it wasn't relevant so it was just an abstract place) and there was this big ole birthday cake there. I had no idea whose birthday it was, but i was wearing leather chaps, and nothing else... I was standing beside this birthday cake as every person walked by, pointing at the cake with a quizzical look, and then I'd point suggestively at my dick. I guess i couldn't talk cause i didn't say anything in the dream. It was odd, because a lot of people walked by in the dream - teachers from high school, friends, random strippers, the mayor, Charlie Crist (local senator), ex girlfriends, and friends. About the last thing i remember is Forge walkin up, me doin the point-at-my-dang gimmick, and he pauses, looks at me, and nods with this "awwwwh gyeahhh" kinda nod. I guess it was his birthday in the dream.. Then i woke up.

Moral of the Story? I dunno, jerk my nuts? Might as well.