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Windows 2000: "The Future of Unix" 2000-06-06 12:36:00
by vahman
I am sitting here at Tech-Ed right now, listening to all the salesmen behind me. Everyone is trying to convince me that their products are the shit. I have only seen one product that is really supported in a Unix environment. Not that I would expect any less, considering I am at a Microsoft conference. I got to talking to some MS SQL admins, and they were saying how superior their version of SQL is over Unix's. I explained to them how resource intensive the product was, and that the same functions can be done, using 1/5 of the RAM, Processor, etc.. in Unix. They just brushed it off, and sent me on my way. So far I have gotten all kinds of demo CD's, T-Shirts, and stuff of that sort. Some of the breakout sessions have valuable knowledge, but alot of them are just one hour sales pitches. I actually saw Stalemeat's girlfriend their. At first I was really surprised, but them I remembered she works at a software company that deal's with MS's products. It was good to see a friendly face in the midst of these brainwashed attendees.

Microsoft actually has some pretty cool products/upgrades coming out this summer. I went to a session on a new product called the Digital Dashboard. I got a free copy of it, but it just reminds me a lot of the "Active Desktop". Supposedly it is some big "innovation" for them.

I would like to point out, that Pogo's last link to that "Backstreet Boy" page was the most worthless 2 minutes I have ever spent reading in my entire existence. Who in the hell would spend that much time analyzing that much music. Also, this guy is writing a rant about the "sexual" content in these lyrics. All I know, is there is a line in a DMX song (which some young kids do listen to) that goes: "I've got blood on my dick 'cause I fucked a corpse". Now that is slightly more hardcore than: "I will love you tonight". See what I mean people.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "Vahman's Post".