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Pr0n of Jumpin' Jack Flash 2000-06-04 03:08:00
by vahman
So, after, I now officialy have 2 hubs up and running in my house:
One 10Base-T and One 100Base-TX
I am now using "3" out of the 5 ports on mexicanhouseboy. How did I do this you ask? Subnetting like a bitch. All 5 PC's are communicating with each other and on the network. I also reached 8MB/sec transfer from my main PC to Slackass. Props to Pogo for letting me use the pimpass 3com Superstack

I am heading out to Orlando tomorrow. Wish me luck and shit. I better learn something. It will probably be a bunch of MS bitches trying to sell me stuff, but I get a free hotel.

As my Father would say: "If your friend sucked dicked, would you?"