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The wang that rocked the cradle... 2000-06-01 11:35:00
by pogo
After a few hours of searching through massess of cool shit, my good friend marasmus and I found some interesting things which we purchased.
	1 PRO-LOG m900 prom programmer
	1 hp 9000 Apollo 400 workstation:
			specs: 50mhz m68k, 96M ram, 1.5Gig HD...9 years old...
	1 21" BNC Sun monitor (we have no idea if it works..)
	1 100Mbit 3com 12 port HUB
We really had a good time looking at stuff, and purchasing some old but nifty shit. I found that BSD will run on both hp9000/300 and the 400 models, so this is my goal. I also decided to make a few new programs. I will once again work on NESTFU, the nes emu that will tell you to eat my shit on both psx and pc, a space game, and with permission of Marasmus, a Security Focus Pager style gimmick, for those of us who like to check more than once an hour....;)

I wrote a rant, but decided against it until further notice, when i can complete my thoughts and make more sense. A simple FUCK YOU GIMPS will work for now.