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Mentos: The Freshmaker 2000-05-30 09:27:00
by vahman
So, I purchased 2 more sparcs. They are the little lunchbox ones, but each one comes with a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and floppy drive. I am also getting a dual Xeon board. I love wasting money.

I am already receiving E-mails from Microsoft offering me Free shit, since I am going to Microsoft TechEd 2000. I am going to see how much stuff I can leech off this bigass company, and its little corporation tagalongs. Hopefully I can come back with a quad Xeon server w/ 2 gigs of RAM, and a DVD drive.

You all were waiting, and it is out on the net in Beta. Now we can all have a lot more fun with IM's and E-mail. "You've Got Pictures!"

"I love my Niggas, but Where's my Bitches?"