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Tired as hell........sleep at the park 2000-05-26 10:30:00
by vahman
Well, I don't want to post over Marasmus, but I cannot stress to you enough how cool last night was. You read the specs on the's pimp as all hell in a handbasket. At one time in the night, we were checking out the hardware in this little godsend, and looking at a Xeon processor as well (it's really big!).

So I wake up in the morning (on 2.5 hours of sleep), and the Sparc was still there, even shinier that it was when I saw it a few hours earlier.

Well, I gotta head to a meeting. But I will leave you with this note: If Batman and Robin had sex, and it was the night before Christmas, my penis was posted on Ebay for $19+shipping (Taxes apply in TN and FL).