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Mah freakazoid skeelz of the naaaahsty 2000-05-26 09:45:00
by marasmus
so last night, Vahman, pogo, and myself go hang out... we talk to some absolutely ghetto fabalous telco techs, loiter at the home of the little mexican houseboy, and after all is said and done we ended up picking up a Sun SparcStation 5. the Sparc 5 box is probably the coolest out of all of the 32bit sun workstations, just cause of its mad phat design, 3 sbus upgrade slots, and a maximum RAM allocation of 256 megs (might be 512, but i sho' have never seen 64mb RAM modules for a SS4/5)..

So it's a SparcStation 5, 170 mhz, with SUN Quad Fast Ethernet... For now it's going to be a firewall at Vahman's place cause he's suckinaniggazdickundathableachas, but after we acquire ourselves a house, this machine WILL be something important for VectorStar! Maybe a seriously mad-snizzackin' firewall, maybe a shell and mail server + firewall to all the good shits we like to hide from you... keepin our web and DB servers on the backside for you to bend over for - who knows. but with 5 ethernet ports, we're just looking for an excuse to get multiple internet providers, and this box alone gives us all the reason we need for 1 DSL, 2 cable modem, and 1 T1 or frac T1 to get dropped into this bitch.. Technically we could just get an FDDI card for the muhfukkah and floop a CSU/DSU right into the back, but F that - Vahman just picked up some ghetto no-name-brand routers off Ebay for $2.50 each - 2 of 'em!

Last night was clearly a night of the Fates that we came across such a badass Sparcstation and we were able to afford it. Now, if we get pogo's HP NetServers and his new SparcServer 3/150 (yeah i know it's a motorola 68030, 16mhz, but it doesn't matter) working, everyone can just step off, get da hiv, and smoke some of our bad ass crack!

with $2.24 in change and a hole in your pocket, why don't you just corncob yourself with a screwdriver?