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What we are ........ 2000-05-26 03:47:00
by chevy
memories of our early youth can bring us pain and pleasure, heaven and hell...but the most powerful thing we could ever have also lies in those early days of our existence, our freedom!! How many times have you been told that something could not be done simply because,"The world dosen't work that way". Bullshit, this world dosen't govern us any more than we allow it, if the world dosen't work that way then I really feel sorry for the world and anyone who is content with that as a way to live. There are very few people ready to accept the fact that we are truly powerful creatures... a living, breathing being with eternity within us every step of the way. Don't buy into the belief that you have to stay within their glass cage of safety and sanity. Be what you are, be who you are, nothing more...nothig less. I will not be one of the herd even if it takes a lifetime to learn who I was and none of you should accept any less. Remember your childhood, before they took the wonder from your eyes and taught you their "reality", sometimes it takes a while to remember that the world only works that way because we let ourselves believe it.