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Time tested, cock master approved! 2000-05-25 16:43:00
by pogo
Well today was almost useless again. I did manage to almost finalize my sparc, i found a spot for it in my room, i now have 7 machines in my room, not all on, but still, 7 machines :) 3 of these are servers as well...wait'll i get the power bill ;) I remembered having an external scsi box for 5 1/4" scsi devices, so i will put a crappy 350 meg drive in that, and the "box hill" drive that came with my sparc back in the machine. This should give me about 1 gig of drive space between three drives. Next we will move on to the hp 9000 e25 server, my ghetto box who, upon completion, will be named "nosisavailableforit" :) And finally, i'll find some crazy OLD 50 pin scsi cable, and hook up my other sun machine to it. I need 1 more drive array, which i will pick up next week as well as a 21" sun monitor, and a good monitor for my hp 9000/300...which will also run OpenBSD...

since the square root of 4 is 2, when are you going to take it in the ass?