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drive-by curbsiding 2000-05-25 09:53:00
by stale
Pogo, I'd just like to agree with you. TonyD is a fucking idiot. I'd also like to point out that danmanya is a fucking idiot as well.

Okay, so my cable service sucks shit. Currently, from the ISP's webserver, I can only pull 40-50kb/s down, and on an average upstream I can push 8kb/s. Would I be better off with ISDN? The support tech that came out to test my line swears that there's no signal drop off and that my modem is in working order. The technician on the phone refuses to support me unless I have a PC tech come out to my house. I inform him that I am a PC tech and email him some traceroutes. He refuses to support me now because, "there's something weird about my traceroutes". He's just never seen a traceroute come from a linux box before, and he's more than likely not willing to admit that I'm right. When I see a 290ms ping to my local router, I think I have a reason to be pissed off.