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rofl 2000-02-13 18:24:00
by scrantoine
I assume everyone knows what day tommorow is, and if you don't I sugest that you go out and buy yourself a nice slap in the face. Valentine's Day is just one of a few commercial hollidays that serve no real purpose. Valentine's Day is the reason there are so many November birthdays.....(9 months for a fetus to gestate....9 months from February to November, figure it out). I really think people use Valentine's Day as an excuse to just fuck themselves silly with anything and everything at their disposal in the name of love. Next on the list is St. Patrick's I really need to say anything about this holiday? Common, its a day for people to get shit-faced and dress in green so they can be fuckin green drunkards and cover their god-awful antics with an excuse, "It's St. Patrick's Day officer, I didn't mean to run all those drunkin slobs over, I only had two beers." *hic, hic* :sways left and right while trying to maintain balance: "I swear I had only TWO beers...." :passes out in a pool of vomit and filth: God damnit, what is our culture comming to? Left-wing Nazi Conservatives.