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<TonyD> hubs won't route 2000-05-25 01:07:00
by pogo
All i know is that me, marasmus, Vahman, and this little homosexual mexican houseboy( ;) are attempting to get some more servers working, and i decide to play on irc. Now we all know I LOVE irc. The best part, is when people attempt to explain shit and they don't understand. LEMME SHOW YOU SOMETHING YOU CAN UNDERSTAND!

I got a big fuck you to TONYD, Our sexually frustrated, impotent sea snake loving, queer, invincibly ignorant pile of squishy dog shit (that Vahman sniffed), who feels that both Marasmus, and myself know absolutely nothing about networking, or ip-masq. Take a look at this and explain to us how his head was pulled from a syphillis ridden vaginal crease. Just have a laugh and remember, that know matter how "old school" most people think they are, we still 0wn j00.

if your name is 'freeweed' and you feel like dissin' me, j00 better be prepared to be bent over my kitchen counter and fucked in the ass with a rolling pin! Cause i help you to no end and you still try to disrespect me, and i'm not down with that.

if my nuts turn blue, can i call my penis papa smurf?