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Pork chops and penis... 2000-05-24 12:44:00
by pogo
I have some thoughts to share with my fellow friends and readers.

It has come to my attention that some people are not found of my incomplete thoughts, that do not make any sense at all. I have even been requested to be shut up :) Personally, the more the people that feel this way, can quite frankly eat my shit, and are basically jealous that, I, POGO, the invincible turd, can post on vectorstar, and they cannot. But this is not a right, i was given a chance to post about news and make small rants about things. I have been abusing my power. So for this, i apollogize. I will attempt to make more sense out of a boring life.

On a lighter side of things, i came across some nifty items today, and purchased them.
1 HP 9000/300 server (68k based, 25(?) mhz), 1 SUN server (no idea yet), 3 50 pin -> compressed scsi cables (yes marasmus 1 is for you :), 2 AUI -> 10bT adapters, 1 AUI -> thin net (coax), 5 sun 100Mb patch cables, 1 generic patch cable, a crazy cable i have never seen before, and 1 hp 9000 + hp-ux user manual. Fear my dang. with this, i hope to have the spanish sparc up and on the net with a nice bsd or redhat (eew) install. I will also put my newly found hp disk array to this hp 9000/300, and hope for a openbsd install as well.

Good day readers and users of vectorstar...and a shout out to freeweed, i know you read this, and a fuck you to tonyd, i don't care if you read this..