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I got wood.. 2000-05-23 17:24:00
by pogo
Umm. I read last night that banner has a buffer overflow in it. I can't find the source to finish a possible exploit, however, i am 99% sure that one can gain a different uid. I did (i think) manage to get a shitload of nop's to execute (my shell code was outta whack ;). I'd suggest doing something about it, its installed as root via slack 7 by defualt. I warned ya. If ya happen to find the text i read, email me where you got it, i wanna re-read it. It seemed to have disappeared...consider this a warning if you happen to be giving out shells :) I feel a fat r00t fest comming from alot of little kids...hahahaha :)

Finally, i'm still looking for hp-ux or some one who wants to compile the linux kernel via hp-ux for me. The machine, however, is no longer leaving my room, or its new resting spot :)

Take it easy guys, and good luck securing yo shit!