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Pogo: I miss your girlfriend too 2000-05-22 16:53:00
by vahman
So, I am going to Orlando for some National Tech Conference.............whoopieee. Free food, hotels, and maybe even bitches. Who knows!

So, Microsoft's support site no longer supports English. I went to search for a problem, and the worst part was, when I selected English, it responded, "This LANGUAGE is NOT SUPPORTED !!". Hehe. Oh, and the error I am receiving in Outlook, is non-resolvable. What the fuck! Microsoft can suck me nuts.

On a lighter note, IBM Thinkpads are catching on FIRE!

Why don't we all buy a pimp laptop with a 10mbps satelite connection and move to Giligan's Island. Think it over, and email me your decisions. --Vahman