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smoldering on the backburner? 2000-05-21 15:26:00
by scrantoine
Marasmus, Stale, and Forge know that I make some mad pictures using photoshop and turn them into wallpaper for myself, and them if they want it. I have also made some pictures and sent them to a Slipknot fan site for no reason in particular, except that I stumbled onto this site and took a look at the fan word.....WEAK. Today I got an email from the webmaster for that site offering me the job of making some wallpaper for each member of Slipknot as the official wallpaper of this site ( FUCKIN' A. I sent him a reply and sooner or later I will have all the neccessary information to start on my task. Best part about it, I get full credit for the work (which I should anyway) and this site is affiliated with the official Slipknot site, so who knows what will become of this?
Try this one on for size: Pimp A is workin' his hoe doing 50mph bearing 15 degrees NE, the hoe has traveled 15km and weighs 125lbs. Pimp B is workin' his hoe doing 30mph bearing SW, the hoe has traveled 20km and weighs 130lbs. These two forces collide. The angle of collision is 50 degrees. What will be the distance each force travels after the collision, and how large will the angle of incidence be?