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problems with quota. 2007-05-23 03:28:34
by ykk
i think i did something wrong. because my inbox was soo choked full of spam, i ftped to delete the INBOX file. now the quota doesnt update properly. i know it updates hourly, and i deleted some other files to check. the disk usage went from 150% to 110% now, but I believe I am not using that much now. the inbox file was freaking 50 mb or so. deleting it should have the percentage usage dropping around 100%. i am sorry i screwed up. now what do i do? it seems i that i cant recieve mail now too. (i tried emailing myself)

Re: problems with quota. 2007-05-23 05:57:28
by ykk
ah. its fixed now. maybe it had something to do with me disabling mail and re enabling it. lost some mails though. or maybe you guys helped. thanks