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open news model? 2000-05-21 04:54:00
by marasmus
This question is somewhat serious:

I've done some thinking (and marginal discussion) with a few people about the idea of opening up VectorStar's news feature to the public, but with some catches...

Possible rule 1: to add news, you must sign up with a news-posting only account on vectorstar. This would require a very basic registration thing just so we don't end up with the average trolling flame kinda BS going on.

Possible Rule 2: signing up for an account doesn't make you Ted Koppel. For a while (until you build up enough AngstPoints(tm), your postings would not immediately make it to the vectorstar news page. They'd sit and wait to be reviewed by present permanent fixtures in the vectorstar news and harassment crew.

Possible rule 3: a forum/discussion system may be added that also helps the reg'd users grind up AngstPoints... I'd see forum discussion as being a rather slow way of making it up to a full-fledged, unreviewed News Poster....

okay, these are just raw ideas spewing out of my head (very very late at night/early in the morning).... i'd seriously like some bigtime feedback on this. i'd like to work out the details of such a system so that we can keep as many people happy and as little indignance as possible. so please, email me about this.

okay, off to delusional sleep.... soooo tired.