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User Signups back online (with a twist!) 2006-01-17 16:38:33
by marasmus
Since nobody seemed to read this on the News page, I figured I'd post it here in the hopes that maybe someone will actually USE it!

We are accepting new users again, but we have implemented the referral-based method that has been discussed in previous threads. Basically, a current VectorStar user of more than 1 year must refer a person to VectorStar. That person will then receive an email inviting them to sign up, and then the signup process checks for a referral. Once everything is said and done, I go through and approve any new signups (as we've always done) and their account gets created.

Amazingly, nobody has referred anyone yet! The only two records are from test accounts I've created to make sure the system works.

For those people who want an account but don't know anyone who can refer you, email me and ask! Just let me know why you want to use VectorStar. Our goal here is to keep virus-writers, spammers and other hooligans from abusing our systems and getting us in trouble. We want people to use our systems, as long as it's legal!

The more active users we have, the more motivation I have to improve things. So get to it!

Re: User Signups back online (with a twist!) 2006-07-09 07:47:48
by (anon)Sukhoy
Hey =)...

i wait that i'm not being too noobish but...

i was just wondering that i don't know your e-mail adress XD...

i can guarantee that i'm not a virus writer and have nothing to do with spam, and no matter my grammar, i'm not a hooligan...
Re: User Signups back online (with a twist!) 2006-07-12 00:22:33
by nuzod
Hey n00b, the "Contact Us" section might be a good place to start ;)