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Brucey, Brucey! I want your weiner! 2000-05-20 22:41:00
by pogo
Calling all bears! Calling all bears! GIANT ANTS! ATTACKING! AHHHHHHH! HEAD FOR THE HILLS, ITS Y2K last week. my berkley was infected with unix. MIT was forsale for $4. I want some coke with my booze. OMG! theres coke in my coke! AHH.

What the fuck is wrong with me :) That was non-sense. Utter crap. I have an interesting request. I plan to splice genes in my back yard using the radio active materials (uranium) found in smoke detectors (i know its there, do you?). I will also use beer, 3 gallons of rum hooked to an iv in my arm for support, and 3 nails. The process is very delicate. If you make one wrong move, all the aliens will invade and mars will float into the sun. I guess what i am trying to say is that i hate my hp 9000, but i love it. Maybe i don't. Who the hell knows. If you happen to be single, female, mcse, and want some cock, don't look at me.

I'm dancing in the dark! /me dances in the dark.