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It's Alive!!! 2005-08-03 07:31:48
by darklighter
Thought the subject would get some attention :) Anyways I'm on my internship for college, working at a school district in the technology department develop websites, helping whoever and do this and that. I have been working on a website for a couple weeks now, its a lot of php coding. It has a full admin interface in which most of the site can be changed online. For the pages can be edited with an online editor, there are user permissions and lots more.
First I want you to look at the old site before you take a peek at the new.
old site:
sucks right? lol I thought so. The site was moved so most of the links worked on the old site but it was a matter of bad layout and just finding the links. Ok now the good stuff.
new site:
comments? :)

Re: It's Alive!!! 2005-08-03 09:50:53
by marasmus
That's one very fine site! Definitely a big improvement over the old one... a whole lot easier to navigate too!

Re: It's Alive!!! 2005-08-03 12:40:51
by ellvis
nice one, even working in Firefox. :)
Re: It's Alive!!! 2005-08-04 07:06:17
by darklighter
yes I try to make it as compatible as I could. Only thing I found so far is on the mac version of internet explorer, the tool bar is messed up but I have provided an alternate site map so they could navigate if such a case comes up. And thanks for the comments :)