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Shameless self-promotion. 2005-06-10 01:29:21
by nuzod
The forum's pretty dead these days, so I'll take the opportunity to liven it up by bragging about myself.

Today I graduated the Korean basic course at the Defense Language Institute (less military-oriented website here). I really cannot stand this place, but it is the best at what it does, and I'm sure that when I get the awesome jobs out there, I'll be glad that I "toughed it out." Check out the sweet certificates:

Korean still sucks, though.

Re: Shameless self-promotion. 2005-06-10 01:37:10
by nuzod
As an afterthought, I also uploaded a picture of myself before the ceremony in my horribly uncomfortable Alphas.
Re: Shameless self-promotion. 2005-06-10 07:19:04
by marasmus
Hells yeah! Congratulations man, it's certainly no easy job to learn an eastern language... even more of an accomplishment since you didn't HAVE to learn Korean, or necessarily any language for that matter. That definitely takes more dedication than I have :)
Re: Shameless self-promotion. 2005-06-10 14:18:44
by darklighter
Good Job!
Re: Shameless self-promotion. 2005-06-10 23:36:42
by (anon)Skinner
What was your dlpt score
Re: Shameless self-promotion. 2005-06-19 17:42:41
by nuzod
See it on the linguistic certification? 2+ on both listening forms, 2 in reading, 1+ in speaking. Have you DLPTed before?