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handlin' bidness 2005-05-03 22:41:11
by marasmus
It's pretty obvious by the lack of updates/upgrades/changes around here lately that i've been awful busy. There are some upgrades that I've been planning to do for quite some time- things that are SO close, yet so far away...

1. A rewrite of mod_throttle for apache 2.0 (mostly written, just needs some compilation fixes)
2. Thus, Apache 2.0 and PHP 5!
3. Another revamp of qmail, with better SSL handling, a real SSL certificate, and bayesian (possibly cooperative bayesian) filtering
4. a resilient filesystem core that will keep running even if one of its hosting servers dies (Coda FS).
5. An updated NIS authentication structure
6. SFTP (FTP with SSH security!)

And what will these things really give us? A platform for improved current services, as well as new services. Some of the new service ideas we're throwing around include:
* DNS hosting/registration
* full domain web hosting
* SQL hosting
* full domain mail hosting
* IRC server

That's not to say that these will necessarily be free - adding these services will add quite a bit to our monthly costs. If these services can pay for themselves (and possibly cover some of the current expenses too), they'll get implemented. What I'd like to find out is how many of you would be interested in paying a small fee for some of these (or other) more advanced services. Or are there other services you'd like to see us offer that we might be able to pull off? :)

Re: handlin' bidness 2005-05-05 02:34:07
by nuzod
You know I'm in. As much as I'd like to have a domain that I'd actually USE, I think I could appreciate an IRC server more. All good ideas I'm willing to pay money for.
Re: handlin' bidness 2005-05-12 22:10:31
by darklighter
I would like to see sql and the upgrades in php and stuff. I have my domain name through godaddy but i'm sure some others would like it. Heres an idea for you, base it on donation level. Say you donate 5 dollars, maybe this could give you the ability to use sql on your site, donate 10 you add some bandwidth or something, 20 you gain x, x and x. Add more on as you donate. This can be cumlative.
Or every 5 dollars you donate you can pick an option to unlock sql, irc, mail upgrade, etc. And as long as you donate atleast 5 dollars every six months, you get to keep the upgrades to your account. Thus this would be cheaper than any other monthly hosting out there but give those that want a little upgrade something a lot nicer. I like the idea of donation or buying your upgrade options instead of paying monthly, because some months can be rough paying bills and who really wants to deal with an add expense? Go idea though, tell me what you think of these ideas.
Re: handlin' bidness 2005-05-13 14:40:24
by (anon)Pondera
Yeah you could turn Vectorstar into the next MMORPG!