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Such wonderful toys... 2005-04-15 22:41:06
by marasmus
Yeah. So today I was 100% frustrated with my keyboard at work and decided to go keyboard shopping... I've been using ergonomic keyboards for about 6 years now, and the reason why i want to replace my original MS Ergo Elite at work is because it's so old and crunky that you have to REALLY push the keys hard, and it gets freakin' tiring as hell.

So I go shopping, looking for an ergo keyboard. Low and behold, they practically don't exist anymore! Logitech makes ONE model, but nobody has it. Microsoft has 3 models, two of which are just the old Elite keyboard with a little extra bling, and the other one's mediocre at best and costs $100. Pissed off, I start looking at mice. That's when I see this freakin' SWEET super-thin, laptop-style wireless keyboard with a detached number pad and a mouse. Yeah, it's wireless. blah. Yeah, it comes with a cheap mouse i probably won't want to use. but GOT DAMN is the keyboard nice... long story short, I bought it (intending to use it at work) as well as a new Logitech MX 1000 Laser mouse (for home). Turns out the free wireless optical mouse is pretty damn good! After using this keyboard for a few hours, it's so nice I'm not sure I want to take it to work :) I can use the number pad as a multimedia remote and play music & DVDs from my bed! (about a 15ft--5M range) Oh yeah. It works in Linux too. Didn't have to do anything but plug it in. (well, I lied. I did map some of the custom keys using GNOME's nice little keyboard shortcut control panel. took a whole 20 seconds to do.)

Logitech's page doesn't even begin to do this keyboard justice. This has got to be the best computer purchase I've made since I bought myself an LCD about 3 years ago. Vahman has been looking for a laptop-like keyboard for ages, and this is the first one of good quality to become available.

Re: Such wonderful toys... 2005-04-23 02:20:19
by (anon)caridwen
There's just something about svelte pices of computer equipment that just rocks my world. I so have keyboard envy right now.