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army boots on your mother 2000-05-19 21:24:00
by pogo
Well, no better way to describe my next server, cept 2 90 mhz processors and 512 Megs of ram! This is a picture of it...Any way, These guys are pretty cool. All they deal in is HP stuff. They even showed me around! :)

As for my server, i'm looking into getting HP-UX. If you happen to have a copy on a medium i can use...(funky DAT or via network boot, or if you happen to have a better idea, like an external scsi cdrom i can borrow....) I'd consider loving you for a long time. I've been thinking, and I feel i could contribute greatly to society by selling my sperm for a living. Then countless women would have my child, and i would get to look at some porno!

For a free sperm sample, email me, with how much you are gonna pay for a FULL sample, and i will wh00p it out for you, smack it around, and gib j00 a dr0p for free. If ya like it, small viles will be sold! Get them while you still want a fucked up, crack headed, weirdo freak's kid! Or just for fun....