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Some Questions & Comments 2005-03-29 12:06:41
by darklighter
First off, are there any plans for making an online editor. I know when I'm at school I would like to be able to edit my pages in real time. My college blocks dirrect ftp which means I can't directly work on pages and have to wait to get home to do most of it. I believe they allow sftp though, is that any where near done?

Second, Are we really getting anywhere with the T-shirt idea??? Are there any other ideas for custom gear?

Third, How much time do you guys spend now days on here and doing stuff? This just a side project? Doesn't seem like much activity at all these days.

Fourth, User's Sites?? Is that under development still. I can't view them but I can see them in source code? Just a blank white page.

Fifth, What new? What project ya working on? Seems the information pages may be a little out of date?

Well those are just some questions I wanted to see if I could get some answers to.
Some Ideas:
Would be nice to have a members list with an option to either disable certain contact information or not.

Re: Some Questions & Comments 2005-03-29 16:57:33
by (anon)pondera
Sixth, Virtual Women? Can you make so that if I upload a picture of a girl to my ftp space Kelly LeBrock will come to my door?

Seventh, More Services? Can you add some more services because I feel like I'm not getting enough for my money!?
Re: Some Questions & Comments 2005-04-05 04:14:10
by (anon)caridwen
jesus christ, these guys work on vector between beer bong hits. if you want more cool shit, pay for it. don't disrupt their valiant attempts to discover if there really ARE any answers at the bottom of the bottle...
Re: Some Questions & Comments 2005-04-05 15:29:03
by marasmus
An online editor is somewhere on the list of nice things to add, but it's nowhere near the top. Right now my #1 goal with VectorStar is to finish my port of mod_throttle to apache 2.0 so I can free up the new web server to build a replicating filesystem cluster between the two new servers. Once that's done, Apache 2.0 gets slapped on the new web server and a serious overhaul of our mail system begins. I want to integrate bayesian spam filtering into our core system, improve the SSL authentication (it's rigged and barely limping along), and hopefully add multilanguage support to the webmail.

I want to do T-shirts, but I'd like one of the other "staff" members to get off their lazy asses and do something for once. The T-shirts are a good opportunity for them to increase their own involvement.

Unfortunately I'm traveling about 8 days of each month right now, and it's completely killing my free time. Today was the first time I looked at new user signups in like 10 days!

VectorStar is, right now, basically one of my hobbies. It falls in equally with playing music, building motorcycles, washing my car, and doing laundry. Those who know me know that I get to wash my car and do my laundry roughly once a month :) There's a reason why I have such a huge wardrobe!

The User Sites works perfectly in Mozilla/Netscape/Opera, and I'm at a loss to figure out why it's not rendering in IE... The HTML syntax is (at a glance) completely standards-compliant as of 1997, so I'm pretty baffled as to why it's jerkin' around.

What's new?!? Uhh, I'm traveling a lot with my work, doing mass-migrations of networks over to Win2k3 AD. Montreal is a really cool city (as long as you know a little French). I'm also trying to get off this damn medication and keep on getting some serious freakin' headaches. ugh.
Re: Some Questions & Comments 2005-04-08 12:17:28
by darklighter
sounds pretty busy, ya one of you lazy other staff ppl get on here and do something =) Everything seems to be working great for me. Like the hosting. Well gl and I'll be here, there and all around.