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PHP 5 2005-03-29 11:15:11
by darklighter
Are you guys going to support this any time soon??

Re: PHP 5 2005-04-05 15:32:55
by marasmus
Yep, I'm just trying to finish my port of mod_throttle to apache 2.0. I've already got everything else (including PHP 5) working perfectly to our specifications under apache 2.

One other hurdle is that I'm running into a freaky-strange layer-2 ARP cache bug between the new web server and the DSL modem. I haven't quite decided how I plan to fix it yet. Banging the route off the firewall has been a decent workaround, but still doesn't explain why that particular server occasionally loses its layer-2 chitchat with the DSL modem. I'd rather resolve the problem than patch it, forget about it, and be surprised by it again in 2 years after some random upgrade. :P