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Are torrents allowed? 2005-03-02 10:46:55
by wyattriot
I would like to post some music torrents on my site--all *legal* torrents, either of my bands or friends' bands who have specifically told me that I can post their albums--and I'm wondering if they're allowed.

Please note that I would only host the torrent files as part of my site, not try to run a tracker or anything.

Re: Are torrents allowed? 2005-03-02 17:00:18
by marasmus
Well sure, you could post them on the site, though you obviously can't run a torrent client from our systems. The download speed from our site is going to be pretty slow, and you'll probably eat up your daily bandwidth quota pretty quickly. There are definitely other free providers with more bandwidth available than us - we focus more on the feature quality than the volume of traffic we can push.
Re: Are torrents allowed? 2005-03-02 18:10:44
by wyattriot
I'm not all that worried about the bandwidth. I can't see the .torrent files being larger than 50k or so, and there won't be a huge demand for them. I'm not Metallica! :)

It's great that you allow them, though. A lot of providers simply won't allow .torrent files to be uploaded.

Thanks for the help!