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Of all the time to call.... 2005-03-01 13:36:03
by toby
You know whenís a really bad time for your cellphone to ring? Itís when the cops are interrogating you about a missing AK-47 assault rifle used in a murder and you completely forgot to change the wallpaper on your phone from that photo of your friend holding an AK-47 that you thought was really dope. Which is exactly what happened last week to a pair of geniuses in New Jersey. A cellphone that belonged to one of the guys started ringing while they were being questioned by police about the rifle (which they claimed they didnít know anything about), one of the cops picked it up to switch off the ringer when he noticed the picture on screen.

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Re: Of all the time to call.... 2005-03-01 16:27:43
by vahman
That's wonderful. Got to love the newer cell phones.