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Emergence of Individual thought 2000-05-19 17:15:00
by marasmus
The ClueTrain Manifesto is something I feel should become required reading for the viewers, so READ IT NOW!! It has to do with companies' and corporations' methods of communicating with customers, employees, competitors, and markets. Basically, Companies are paranoid shitheads that are losing their markets because they can't just be honest with their employees and customers.

For other awesome content and angst from Christopher Locke, one of the writers of the ClueTrain Manifesto, visit for some really high-octane angst.

If someone doesn't start using some absurdly common-sense (i know, it's not common) ideas in the realm of business, especially internet business, I'm just going to have to do something I've adamantly refused to do for quite some time now: become a businessman (and seriously clean some house).

Really, how long does it take for humanity to understand that mercantilism, personal trade (as in craft), and personal interaction were the most stable, reliable, high-quality, and customer-loyal methods of running a business? This is fucking monkey math here! Put a dozen stiffs in a room with some nice polyester and they think they can out-do quality and integrity with a got-damn assembly line. Flat out idiots.

That's exactly why the BBSs and Online services of the eighties and EARLY nineties had extremely high comraderie and a very well-knit community! Although we bitched, it really didn't matter that a lot of them were for-profit systems, because the QUALITY of the community was unparralleled. Plus, spending like $5-$10 a month for a multi-line chat and game system really wasn't much at all, especially when systems started including PPP access and email wrapped into a pretty snazzy BBS Package (Galacticomm MajorBBS/WorldGroup)!

StaleMeat and I were talking two days ago about setting up a free telnet BBS system. We're looking to use WorldGroup 3 for Windows, but it appears Galacticomm has gone out of business and the software isn't available. If anyone has a WorldGroup 3 Liscense (preferrably 24+ users) we'd consider buying it. email us.

Oh, let's follow everyone else's lead and drop our tradesmanship style and integrity for a factory job screwing the same screw into the same hole on a thousand widgets a day just so we can get the OPTIONAL health care that we're all being bent over for! Great idea, everyone. Don't think you're not to blame either - you quietly take part in this same shithole charade, just like every other Joe Q. Public out there. Say something about it if you want to make a change - at least I'm starting to do that.

I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out exactly when it was that we took a strong society with some decent ideas and just totally paper-mieche'd (sp?) it into a got damn ant pile. Every time I really start to think about it, I believe the fallout in question happened somewhere inbetween World War II and the Korean war, but then again I'm only 19, and my appreciation/understanding of history is quite inadequate for such an analysis, as i loathe most "social science" courses.

When you wake up tomorrow, will you be anything other than another tagged and trailed member of the rat race? Think about what exactly you are working for. Not what goal, but for what reason you see it as acceptable and good to work the job you work at the place you do, with the people you interact with... And ask yourself if you're really interacting with them. There's another important thought.

P.S. (for Vahman): Seagate never has ANYthing that's sweet! I thought we discussed how Quantum owns all the important patents in drive technology BECAUSE they own the shit out of everyone else in the field. C'mon, you even OWN a Quantum Atlas 10k! at a 4.5ms to 5ms access time already, you've got NO use for a Cheetah X15, especially since the Seagates always make a LOT of noise, have higher power and heat specs, and die like fucking babies left in dumpsters in January. I should know - I have 3 working Seagate SCSI/3 drives (two are old school differential) and i've had a STACK of seagate IDE drives die on me. The only Quantum I EVER had die on me was a 250mb IDE Quantum ProDrive that was pulled from a Macintosh Quadra 630 because it was having mechanical failures already. Best of all, it lasted me TWO YEARS after it was pulled! :) it didn't have integrity problems - the spindle motor flat out fried and it didn't spin anymore :( the logic board was still good!