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Help with sending email in PHP 2005-02-19 16:37:06
by xombong
A couple of years ago, if I remember it correctly, this site does allow their member to have a form where any user can visit to that page and fill out comments/suggestions/contact.

I used to have one, but I accidentally removed that contact page from this site. My question is, does anyone know how to use a form, with PHP, and JavaScript combine, to send a form using mail?

I know it was working before, but now it's not.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need to take a look at my source codes, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Help with sending email in PHP 2005-02-19 19:29:30
by marasmus
Although it's possible on many systems, it is not allowed on VectorStar. Please read which explains the situation, or the original news post from when we shut off the feature.