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Introduction 2005-02-11 17:19:29
by darklighter
Where to start, ahh thats the hard one. Well guess I'll start with my name. In the real world I'm known as Colby aka Darklighter on the web (been my alias for a long time). I'm 20 years old, live in McVeytown, Pennsylvania USA (eastern coast) I'm currently attending college (2nd yr) in state college, pa where I'm studing CIS (computer internet specialist) It covers a broad range of skills. I have been around computers most my life, crashed my first one..o when i was like 9 or something like that lol. I really enjoy making websites, design, programming and stuff like that. I have some skills in VB, C++, Photoshop, Microsoft Excel/Database/Word/PP/Viso..., XHtml/Html, Javascript, Apache and some others I have some knowlegde of but I'm still learning, of course. I want to learn php soon and in my web server class we are learning apache and server related info. I have dealt with windows and mac os x, several browsers (ie,firefox,mozilla,safari,netscape). That enough about my current techinical skills, I'm sure you don't need to read a book =) At home, I live with my parents and my girlfriend and we are having a baby real soon, I work at a local grocery store (GIANT) and travel to college. I'm currently working on redoing my whole family website that I created a long while ago. I just happen to stumble across this free site and hope it turns out good. I would like to talk with you guys/gals, I find it interesting talking with other designers/programmers. I have aim,yim,msn and would really like to talk with anyone. Here are my names if your interested in talking with me.
aim= darklighterz13
yim= darklighter13
*msn is what you would most likely get me on and maybe aim, yim is just once and while to check up on ppl.

Thanks for reading!

Re: Introduction 2005-02-11 19:57:42
by darklighter
Just got finished reading your history and info pages. Gotta say you really stuck with this. Takes a lot of dedication to do what ya did. Hope I can be that good :)
Re: Introduction 2005-02-19 16:05:43
by toby
so ... lemme get this straight ... You write a rather lengthy "getting to know me" article, then reply to it yourself? Man ... how many different personalities do you have? Do they each have a different profession?
Re: Introduction 2005-03-02 09:57:39
by darklighter
accuately i forgot to say it was about marasmus and the team of this site!