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The Internet = WTF 2005-01-24 20:52:32
by marasmus
How bad would it suck to have a last name like this guy? Thanks to the internet, everybody knows he leaves his A-game in the AOL chatrooms.

And why does a guy by the name of cockhead have a site about anatomically pseudo-correct anime dolls? Like, it looks like you can custom build your own little anime chick figurine, and it has more positions than the 8-toy super-combo evil green Megabot thing from the 2nd issue of Transformers toys! I'm not really sure why, but the level of detail in this guy's site really disturbs me.

Re: The Internet = WTF 2005-01-25 10:39:48
by vahman
I want one. I also want Optimus Prime back. And Road Pig from GI-Joe.
Re: The Internet = WTF 2005-01-27 21:20:02
by nuzod
Yeah. It'd be sweet if I still had my Andre the Giant from when I was in Germany. It fell from my balcony, and before I got downstairs to get it back, that shit was already stolen.