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Current Events 2005-01-23 15:08:11
by nuzod
Recently I discovered that it's both beneficial and entertaining to keep up on current events. When I joined the Marine Corps a year and a half ago, I pretty much become a resident of California. Of course, it's a good idea to know who makes decisions for you, and it's easy enough to find news about California's governor. Schwarzenegger's most recent headline news is his approval of the execution of convicted murderer Donald Beardslee. Aside from local protests, Austria is pissed because the governor, who still has dual citizenship with Austria, violated Austrian law and allowed capital punishment.

To cause less conflict, Arnold should stick to battles with robots, and occasionally ridiculous old ladies.

Re: Current Events 2005-01-24 20:30:16
by marasmus
Aside from my political (mis)alignments (democrats are love-everyone hippies, republicans are greedy double-talkers, independents are too independent to take a stand, libertarians are too high to form a complete thought, and Greens would be better off sticking with pinball games and listening to The Who), Go Arnold! The reason I like him is because he has the onions to follow through with what he believes in. He doesn't play bitch to political agendas or the media. Go him. He's a downright American!

Now Adriana Iliescu... well, if she's still bangin' at 66 and can (somehow) still get pregnant, good for her! And good for her husband too. I hope I'm still getting ass at 66!
Re: Current Events 2005-01-25 10:37:50
by vahman
Arnold is the shit. And it's simply because he truly believes what he believes. Sounds simple enough, but in reality, no other politician I have seen seams to be that way.
Re: Current Events 2005-01-26 19:56:01
by nuzod
Pumping Iron. 'nuff said.